Mazda SL35 Workshop Manual

  The Mazda SL35 engine (as well as it’s SL35T and SL35Ti variants) was offered as a conversion kit for Range Rovers and other Land Rovers in the 80s and 90s. Many are still going and have found their ways into various other vehicles, Land Rover or not. The workshop manual linked below is for […]


Defender Workshop Manual – 1993 Edition

Not scanned by me, and I can’t even remember where I sourced it, but this is the official Defender workshop manual which covers 90, 110 and 130 vehicles up to and including 200Tdi models. Engines covered are 2.25, 2.5 and 3.5 V8 petrols as well as 2.25, 2.5N/A, 2.5TD and 200Tdi diesels. Defender 90/110/130 Workshop […]


Series III Parts Book

An invaluable resource for any owner, the parts book provides part number and assembly information for the whole vehicle. This one I found somewhere online (I forget where), and I have re-uploaded it here so all the info is in one place. Credit goes to whoever it was who uploaded it, thank you! I have […]


Series III Workshop Manual

I can’t remember where I got this from originally, I found it on Google obviously, but I’ve uploaded it here, labelled in the parts in which it came for ease of downloading. Credit goes to the person who originally undertook the massive task of scanning the bugger! Intro and Specs Engine Engine and Fuel Fuel, […]


Land Rover One Ten / Defender 110 Parts Book

Another scanning from errol209 on the LR4×4 forum, this time we have the Land Rover One Ten / Defender 110 parts book. It covers all 110 vehicles (Defender or not) from 1987 up to and including the 300Tdi models. Obviously part numbers may have been superseded by the current date, but most parts suppliers will […]


Series IIA Owners Manual

Courtesy of errol209 on the LR4x4 forums, here is the Land Rover Series IIA/2A Owners Manual in PDF form: Series IIA Owners Manual (PDF, 6.4MB)


Land Rover Ninety / Defender 90 Parts Book

Big thanks go to errol209 on the LR4x4 forum for scanning in the many pages in the book, and to tuko for doing a bit of re-arranging to make it slightly more user-friendly. This covers all 90 vehicles (Defender or otherwise) up to and including 300Tdi models. Obviously part numbers may have been superseded by […]