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Installing a Defender Td5 Instrument Pack into a 200Tdi/300Tdi

So, you want to be able to see your instruments at night? Firstly one needs to understand how the Td5 instrument packs differ from the older ones. The gauges are entirely electronic rather than the cable-driven speedo of days gone by, and the lighting also is much improved being properly backlit, to the extent of […]

gauges and loom

Td5 Gauges – Bulb Information

For reference, this is the information I have gathered on the bulbs which fit the back of the Td5 gauges. There are two types of bulb: Bulbs for speedo head – 2 x 509T (12V 1.2W) Bulbs for fuel/temp gauges and heater control illumination – 4 x 286 (12V 1.2W) The numbers I refer to […]


NATO Hitch Rear Recovery

For a rear recovery point (well all recovery points really) you want a very strong mount, as the pulling forces when you’re in thick mud up to the axles can be rather hefty, and chunks of metal flying at high velocity are never a good thing. The NATO hitch is a good idea for use […]


Auxillary Fusebox Install

For reference purposes, here’s my Defender auxillary fusebox install. We begin in the battery box: The supply wires to the fusebox are 16mm², rated for 100 amps. As such, there is an in-line 100 amp fuse mounted to the side of the battery box. This keeps the supply safe as it is fused right next […]


Installing Remote Central Locking on Front Doors

Right, so today I installed Central Locking in my 90, and I thought I’d share with you the process I took. So this is how I did it: The kit I bought was off that well-known auction site, cost me £35 delivered from Germany, and consists of the following: 2 x Keyfobs (with blank keys) […]